Dr. Alessandro Zangani

 Dr. Alessandro Zangani is a distinguished figure in the field of Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis, having graduated with honors from the University of Verona. He has dedicated his career to specializing in mobile prostheses and fixed prosthetic rehabilitations on implants and natural teeth, with a particular focus on aesthetics. Dr. Zangani is renowned for his expertise in complex maxillary rehabilitation using immediate load prostheses. His professional interests also extend to conservative dentistry, periodontology, and endodontics, showcasing his comprehensive skills in oral health and treatment.
Dr. Zangani’s commitment to excellence is further exemplified by his role at the Zangani Dental Clinic in Verona, where he collaborates with a team of professionals to provide personalized treatments for each patient. The clinic emphasizes creating a familiar and friendly environment, continuing a 40-year tradition of trusted dental care in the Verona community. Under Dr. Zangani’s guidance, the clinic offers a wide range of services including dental prosthetics, implantology, oral surgery, pediatric and adult orthodontics, diagnostic radiology, and oral hygiene, ensuring comprehensive care for their patient