Venceslav Stankov

Dr. Venceslav Stankov

 Dr. Venceslav Stankov specializes in periodontics, implantology and microsurgery, with a primary focus on restoring gum and soft tissue around implants or in cases of periodontal diseases. His approach emphasizes minimizing trauma, reducing loss of solid dental tissue, and intervening with precision.

Widely recognized as a distinguished national lecturer and a trend-setter in his field, Dr.  Stankov has conducted numerous postgraduate courses in Periodontology and Prosthetics. Notably, he holds a position among the World’s Top 100 Doctors in Dentistry at the Global Summit Institute, making him the youngest doctor on the list at the age of 36.

Operating from his private clinic in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Dr. Stankov collaborates closely with his mentor, Eric Van Dooren, and is an esteemed associate at Dentcof.