Feel the Tissue with Rado

3 Days


Bucharest, Romania




14 - 16 Nov '24




Hands-on session


Elevate your expertise by engaging in a unique workshop with Dr. Radoslaw Jadach in Romania!

Join us for a tailored 3-day program crafted for practical mastery in both soft and hard tissue, led by the renowned expert himself.

    • Exclusive Opportunity in Romania: Seize this exclusive opportunity to receive direct guidance from Dr. Radoslaw Jadach, an experienced industry expert, right here in Bucharest. With limited seats, we guarantee an intimate learning environment, allowing you to elevate your implantology expertise to new heights.
    • Hands-On Learning: As a participant, you’ll delve into hands-on experiences, real-world scenarios and practical applications, acquiring insights and skills that can be promptly integrated into your professional practice.

In this course, you will learn:

    • How to choose the appropriate method for the case
    • The latest pharmacological protocols
    • How to avoid the most common complications
    • How to treat complications
    • Almost all types of flaps and approaches
    • Solutions for rare clinical situations.
    • How to prevent infectionswound dehiscence, minimize postoperative pain, maintain intra- and postoperative hemostasis and reduce swelling

What you should know about Dr. Radoslaw Jadach:

Beyond his clinical practice, Dr. Jadach is likely dedicated to education, sharing his knowledge and expertise through workshops, seminars, and other educational platforms. He is the first doctor in Poland to have applied a pre-orthodontic decortication procedure using a piezoelectric device. Additionally, he pioneered the creation of a classification of anatomical indications for the treatment of maxillary sinus floor elevation with access from the hard palate. Dr. Jadach's focus resides in microsurgery techniques and extensive soft tissue reconstructive surgery for the purpose of alveolar implantology.




Advanced Soft Tissue Masterclass

Join us to an exclusive 3-module masterclass in Advanced Soft Tissue Management lead by 3 of the world's most renowned expers in the field, combining innovative knowledge with a practical approach that can be immediately applied in clinical practice.


Advanced Aesthetic Masterclass

Experience a unique, comprehensive program on the art of aesthetic preparation led by Dr. Galip Gürel in Istanbul. Structured as a three-day masterclass, the program emphasizes practical aspects and hands-on study models.


Full Mouth Rehabilitation

In order to provide you with the opportunity to develop an even more comprehensive treatment plan, this 2-day course with Dr. Francesco Mintrone begins by exploring the principles of esthetic and functional analysis of the mouth.