Dr. Francesco Mangano

 Dr. Francesco Mangano graduated from the University of Milan in 2003, after which he shifted his focus to Implant Dentistry. He enrolled in the Post-Graduate Program in Oral Implantology and Bone Regeneration (2008-2010) at the Oral Implantology Clinic, Department of Periodontology, Dental Research Division, Guarulhos University, Sao Paulo (Brazil).

With an impressive academic background, Dr. Mangano has authored 135 scientific publications indexed on PubMed, published in international peer-reviewed journals with high impact factors. Additionally, he has co-authored five books on digital and implant dentistry.

In 2020, he founded the Mangano Digital Academy, an independent institution dedicated to promoting the utilization of digital technologies in dentistry. Currently, Dr. Mangano operates a private practice in Gravedona, Lake Como, Italy.