Nazary Mykhaylyuk

Dr. Nazary Mykhaylyuk

Dr. Mykhaylyuk, a graduate of Ivano-Frankivsk Medical University, founded the Mykhaylyuk Study Center in 2010, focusing on providing courses for dentists titled “Tooth Preparation with Microscope for Full Crowns.” Over the years, he has organized approximately 80 courses, catering to over 700 dentists, and has delivered lectures over 70 times, both in Ukraine and internationally. Dr. Mykhaylyuk expanded his offerings by creating new courses, including “Photo and Video Documentation in Dentistry: Microscopic Approach,” “Total Rehabilitation from A to Z,” and “Indirect Restoration – From Macro to Micro: MicroVision Approach.” Moreover, he has developed a personalized kit for teeth preparation for full crowns.