Soft Tissue Symphony: Perfection Aesthetic Immediacy

2 Days


Republic of Moldova




14-15 Dec '23


Workshop - 25
Conference - 200


Hands-on session


The quality and design of the tissues surrounding implants are not only important for long-term maintenance, but fundamental for aesthetic purposes.
Delivering “pink-free” restorative solutions over implants requires the full presence of the gingival contour, natural emergence profile, and respect for the aesthetic proportion ratio of crowns and bridges. Achieving the perfect balance between pink and white contour is a Key point.

Immediate extractions can present an outstanding initial situation of tissue contour. In these cases, the preservation of the gingival “frame” is the goal of our treatment. Atraumatic extraction, proper 3d position of the implant, primary stability, gap grafting, and soft tissue phenotype modification is on the protocol of immediacy in fresh sockets. But much more than the basics, the knowledge of peri-implant remodeling after extraction, abutment/ provisional design, and small surgical maneuvers can boost the aesthetic results and long- term tissue stability.
This conference addresses the workflow for implants immediacy cases in the aesthetic zone, from favorable situations to compromised sites.

The workshop's goal is to prepare the surgeon to identify and classify aesthetic and phenotype deficiencies in soft tissues around implants in order to apply the proper technique for each of the different groups. Also, as a primary goal, to show how to have a strategy for developing the healed site for placing the implant in the aesthetic zone.

Romanian Translation Provided

Dr. Ricardo Kern

Dr. Ricardo Kern