Hard Tissue Intensive Cadaver Course

2 Days


Verona, IT




26 - 27 October 2024




Hands-on session


Verona, with its perfect harmony of antiquity and modern vibrancy, promises a captivating destination for both learning and leisure. Immerse yourself in the enchanting Italy while elevating your expertise in implantology through our intensive course in Hard Tissue Management! Beyond exploring a city that seamlessly blends history and timeless beauty, our course offers hands-on experience, led by expert instructors specialized in advanced surgical techniques.

You will learn and practice on human caddavre:


Maxilarry Sinus Lift

  • Incision Techniques
  • Indications for the use of the bone graft from the ascending branch of the mandible
  • Surgical technique of bone harvesting
  • Soft Tissue Management, Graft Modeling and fixation, sutures
  • Management of complications

Bone Reconstruction

  • Bone Segment Harvest from the Ascending Branch of the Mandible
  • Bone Grafting of the Edentulous Ridge



After the course, you will master the latest diagnostic and therapeutic tools that are crucial for tackling even the most challenging cases



Maxillary Sinus Lift – Theory

The maxillary sinus floor elevation procedure is a surgical technique aimed at restoring bone volume in the posterior maxilla to allow for the restoration of masticatory and aesthetic function through the insertion of dental implants. This procedure is commonly performed when the height of the alveolar ridge is insufficient due to sinus pneumatization following tooth loss. During the theoretical part, the scientific and diagnostic bases underlying this technique, surgical techniques, and potential complications associated with maxillary sinus elevation will be explored. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of proper patient selection, preoperative evaluation, and surgical planning to ensure predictable outcomes. Additionally, innovations in materials and technologies, such as piezosurgery and membranes, will be discussed to improve the success and safety of the procedure. Understanding the principles and nuances of this technique is essential for oral and maxillofacial surgeons to provide optimal care to patients and achieve favorable long-term results.

Topics covered:
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Maxillary Sinus
  • Biological Basis for Achieving Adequate Bone Volumes
  • Diagnosis and Preliminary Instrumental Examinations
  • Incision Techniques
  • Bone Access Window: Piezosurgery and Surgical Handpiece
  • Membrane Elevation: Operative Sequence
  • Types of Grafts and Different Graft Materials
  • Management of Intraoperative Complications
  • Suturing Techniques
  • Pharmacological Therapy and Management of Postoperative Complications

1 coffee break

Lunch break


Practical Exercise on Cadaver
Maxillary Sinus Floor Elevation Procedure

Topics covered: Incision, elevation, bone access window, membrane elevation, grafting, management of the bone access window, suturing.

During the practical part, the participant will have the opportunity to perform a maxillary sinus floor elevation procedure on a cadaver. The practical part will not only allow for the acquisition of practical knowledge regarding the instruments and techniques to be used but will also allow for interaction with qualified tutors who will assist the participant during the procedure. Each participant will be guided in identifying anatomical landmarks during incision and soft tissue elevation. They will then be assisted in performing the bone access window and all phases of maxillary sinus membrane elevation, grafting, and final soft tissue management. The aim of the practical part is for each participant to acquire the necessary skills to perform a maxillary sinus floor elevation procedure safely and reproducibly with complete autonomy.


Bone Reconstruction of Atrophic Alveolar Ridge with Bone Graft from the Ascending Branch of the Mandible - Theoretical Part

Bone reconstruction of the alveolar ridge is a surgical procedure that corrects bone atrophy of the edentulous maxillary ridge. The technique with bone graft from the ascending branch of the mandible is currently one of the safest methods to obtain adequate bone volumes for proper implant placement. During the theoretical part, preoperative and surgical planning necessary to ensure predictable results will be described. Additionally, innovations in materials and technologies, such as piezosurgery and osteosynthesis means, will be discussed to improve the success and safety of the procedure.
Topics covered:
  • Anatomy of the Mandible
  • Indications for the use of bone graft from the ascending branch of the mandible
  • Surgical technique of bone harvesting
  • Technique for preparing the recipient site: soft tissue management, graft modeling and fixation, sutures
  • Postoperative protocols
  • Management of complications

1 coffee break

Lunch break


Bone Reconstruction of Atrophic Alveolar Ridge with Bone Graft from the Ascending Branch of the Mandible - Practical Exercise on Cadaver

Phase 1: Bone Segment Harvest from the Ascending Branch of the Mandible.
Incision, elevation, graft definition, osteotomy preparation, bone harvesting, suturing.
Phase 2: Bone Grafting on the Edentulous Ridge
Incision, elevation (identification of the mental foramen), recipient site preparation, bench modeling of the graft, fixation with osteosynthesis screws, closure with soft tissue management (periosteal release, sutures).
Extraordinary gala dinner included!

Explore Verona,

a UNESCO World Heritage Site nestled in the Veneto region of Italy, stands as a testament to centuries of history, culture, and romance. This enchanting city, immortalized by Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" offers a picturesque setting that blends its rich past with the vibrancy of modern life. Its ancient Roman amphitheater, the Arena di Verona, continues to captivate with its preservation and the spellbinding operas that fill its arches during the summer months, echoing the artistic legacy of centuries. The heart of Verona is its historic center, where winding streets lead to lively piazzas such as Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza Bra. These squares, bustling with cafes and markets, are framed by medieval buildings and Renaissance palaces, telling the story of Verona's layered history. The city's romance is tangible at Juliet's House , where thousands leave letters to Shakespeare's heroine, a symbol of eternal love. Crossing the Adige River, one finds the Romanesque masterpiece of the Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore, which houses art that spans centuries, including Mantegna's triptych. The Castelvecchio Bridge, a remarkable example of medieval engineering, offers stunning views of the river and the imposing Castelvecchio, a fortress that now serves as a museum showcasing Verona's artistic heritage.


Verona's allure extends to its culinary tradition, with dishes that embody the richness of Italian cuisine. The city's vineyards contribute to the esteemed Valpolicella wine region, known for its Amarone and Recioto wines. Culinary enthusiasts revel in the flavors of local specialties, embodying the city's gastronomic excellence.

The spirit of Verona, a blend of historical magnificence and cultural depth, makes it an unparalleled destination. Its architecture, from Roman ruins to Gothic churches, tells a story of enduring beauty. The city's vibrant cultural scene, from opera to traditional festivals, continues to enchant visitors and locals alike.

In embracing Verona for the Hard Tissue Intensive Cadaver Course, participants will not only advance their professional expertise but also immerse themselves in a city that embodies the beauty of learning, the arts, and the timeless narrative of human passion. Verona awaits, offering a backdrop of unforgettable experiences, from its architectural wonders to the warm embrace of its cultural heart.



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